It is amazing how many people don't actually get that being a photographer is a profession, and that a professional photographer costs money to hire.

Another in my very infrequent blog posts.

During this pandemic lockdown, and with no gigs or other performer events to photograph I have spent more time editing older photographs, refining my editing skills (I hope) and thinking about new styles and opportunities.

The scarcity of new photographs to publish also means that throughout social media platforms older photographs are recirculated by content media publishers, as well as the performers and their agents. Some of these are switched on, and professional enough to credit the photographer, sadly in most cases there is a lack of professional courtesy and my, and other photographers, intellectual property is, to put it quite simply, stolen.

Putting a copyright mark on the image is easily bypassed by unscrupulous editing to crop the image, thereby destroying the essence of the image framing, so unless the mark is across the centre of the image, which is self-defeating, there really is no way around this.

My feelings when I see my uncredited images shared on social media are two-fold, the first is most obviously one of pride that people like my images enough to re publish them, but then there is one of indignation that they hadn’t cared enough about my work to do the decent thing and credit me with my work.

Photographers and performers have a symbiotic relationship, published and fully credited photography helps their professional image which couldn’t happen without the photographer taking the images and working to edit and publish them. If I, as a music consumer, illegally downloaded music, the musician would be understandably upset about the loss of revenue that they had worked hard to produce, yet some agencies and content producers fail to see the connection between a finished image and the work that has gone into producing it.
Either credit the photographer, or pay royalties for using the image. Show respect, stop stealing intellectual property.

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