I started taking photographs in 1981 after seeing an exhibition in London by Don McCullin. His graphic monochrome images of poverty in England and stark war photography affected me intensely. My images are not a patch on his, but I am sticking to his adage about printing dark images.

My first 35mm SLR was a Chinon, although my first shots were taken with a borrowed Olympus OM10. I later bought a Nikon F3 and exclusively used Ilford hp5 35mm film, exposing at 1600 ISO and push processing the negatives to increase the grain. My early work was exhibited twice.

In 1990 I travelled across the USA, driving from Los Angeles to Maine via the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and the Badlands taking images as I went. Scanned negative images of that trip may well appear on here at some point.

After a long hiatus involving working in Africa, the Middle East and Moscow I bought my first Nikon D4 and started to take test images at a few gigs at The Waterloo Music Bar in Blackpool. The early images I published were surprisingly well received, leading to me developing a monochrome, portrait style of performers.

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